How To Use this Catalogue.


This electronic catalogue will allow you to look up parts and technical information quickly and easily.


Left Pane - Navigation Menu

Use the menu on the left to navigate to the product information that you wish to access the technical information that is on the system.

This Pane is the Information Screen

The information you request is displayed here.
For example: if you wish to view parts for a Ford Escort, select all the criteria from the left pane, and the product information will be displayed in this pane. Also within this pane are links to other pages with more information.

Part numbers are linked to the technical data page for the selected part - technical data, images, useful information relating to the product as well as comprehensive buyer's guide information.

Searching & Selecting

There are two ways in which you can search & select the product data within this system.

Application Guide Link

This method enables you to search the product database by vehicle make & model. This can save vital searching time if you know the make & model of the vehicle, but not the part reference. To carry out this procedure simply click on any of the underlined catalogue headings in the left pane. You will then be presented with the necessary makes & models list needed to find the required parts.


If you wish to go back the start (catalogue 'Home Page') click on the ULTRA CLASSIC ENGINE logo, top left.

Buyers Guide Link

The Buyers Guide menu link allows you to search the technical database quickly and go straight to a part number. This feature is handy if you know the exact part number you need and want to view technical information or just browse through the products.

Numeric Listing

If you select the Numeric Listing menu link you will see a list of product categories. Click on the category that you wish to browse and you will be presented with a list of part numbers in numerical order.

New to Range

When you select the New to Range heading you will go directly to newly added part numbers listed in product numerical order. Selecting a part number will present you with the technical data you require.

The newly added parts are also shown within the other searches criteria and marked with a flashing "NEW" symbol to the right of the part number. A flashing "NEW" symbol is displayed on the top right-hand corner of the screen to highlight the fact that the part is newly added to the catalogue range.